Preparing Workspaces Post-Covid: All You Need To Know

Vaccination drives and declining COVID cases are driving companies to open more offices, but concerns loom over how to accommodate these returnees safely. Interestingly, businesses are turning to renovating commercial spaces after COVID to ensure that employees and customers can live safely.

Renovation of building forms to provide a more hygienic environment has become a coveted strategy among businesses. Also included is renovating shared facilities, like toilets, to create a more hygienic environment. Review a few renovation strategies adopted by companies to welcome back employees.

How To Prepare Workspaces Ready Post Covid?

Coronavirus has created a new challenge for those who design and develop office buildings worldwide. Owners and managers are responsible for mitigating the situation in the short term by establishing cleaning protocols for the entire building and deciding how people can assemble in office space. The best ways to ensure a disease-free work environment include:

  • Developers can implement displays in building lobbies or at other interface points to show building occupants that they’re taking health and safety seriously,
  • To instil trust in our buildings, we must pay close attention to indoor air quality and update safety measures consistently. Building developers can communicate indoor air quality or environmental cleanliness to tenants through displays in building lobbies or an app they download to their smartphones.
  • Retrofits to existing buildings can help purify the air and contribute to a safe and healthy indoor environment.
  • Building managers and their employers should implement professional cleaning and sanitizing protocols for workstations, conference rooms, reception desks, and social/common areas at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Building owners could use operable windows to redesign air-filtration systems and bring more fresh air into spaces.
  • Building owners can create roof decks and outdoor terraces to give workers a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.
  • Commercial building owners may need to create private areas for employees and rearrange desk arrangements to prevent germs from spreading.
  • We can also rethink floor plans to make more space for people and create a more hygienic environment. Commercial building owners have struggled to find creative solutions for increasing their available space to continue operating efficiently and at full capacity.
  • Your commercial building should have separate areas for visitors, deliveries, packages, and outdoor spaces to provide fresh air and social distancing to avoid confusion.

Trust professionals who can assist you in creating a safe working environment for your employees by changing the layout of your commercial building. They can help you determine your expansion or renovation requirements and professionally manage all of the logistics associated with a commercial building remodelling project.

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